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Miss America and the Red Cup


Kira Kazantsev was crowned Miss America Sunday night. This 23-year-old young woman from New York won with her confident smile and her cup percussion singing talent.

The city of New York has been lucky, Kira is the third Miss America from New York in these 3 years, following Nina Davuluri, the first Indian American to win the pageant.

For the talent performance, Kira Kazantsev brought the very popular “Happy” by Pharrell back to the stage with some vivid red plastic cups.

The performance earned screams and shouts live on ABC, but attracted many critics on social media. Here are some “mean tweets” you could see during and after her performance:



Paying 50,000 dollars a year for a performance degree when all I needed was a pack of red solo cups

Lance Shingleur @ShingleurL


I’m buying a lot of red solo cups… Because apparently they make you impervious to failure. Headed to Walmart now. #MissAmerica

Ron Morgan @RonAtDove


I guess we’ve been aiming too high having our #daughter in piano and dance all these years. Should just focus on red cups. #MissAmerica

Shaune @RealShaune


Somewhere, @Pharrell is waking up from nightmares about red solo cups. #MissAmerica #missamericapageant

Ally Barrera @allyfbarrera


This is the best thing to happen to red SOLO cups since the invention of the kegger #MissAmerica

sarah bultena @itsBULTENA


I played with a ton of red cups in college. No scholarship. No crown. What. The. Hell. #MissAmerica

Anger is always easily aroused when honor and glory go to a nobody’s pocket. “Netizens” weren’t too happy about Miss New York winning a $50,000 scholarship with which she plans to attend law school, by playing with a red cup on stage. Is Miss New York nobody? Is what she did for her talent performance really that shabby?

Kira Kazantsev herself is defensive: “The reason why I chose to do that talent is I wanted every single little girl in America to be able to see that you can do that talent – you can do whatever talent you want on national television – even with a red cup – and still be Miss America and have the time of your life.”

Some criticizers say that people have more important and serious things to get angry about than a red cup. Whoever gets crowned in the end, there are always going to be people who are happy, people who are upset, and people who don’t care - it’s a fact about all kinds of television competitions.

To bring it to a broader angle, the biggest winner wasn’t actually Kira Kazantsev. Through the show (especially during talent performances) over 300,000 tweets and over 48 million Twitter impressions were created. This is a huge rebound televisions falling net viewership. ABC also created something called “fact pop-ups”, where they showed small fact boxes in the corner of the screen when live broadcasting. The boxes gave fun trivia about the Miss America competitors. This action drew a lot of attention from people on Internet, praises and critics alike. 

More than just another competition, this year’s Miss America may have given us a valuable insight into how future television shows can grow their attention and revenue.



Miss America: beauty in the face of an ugly reality.


Atlantic City hosted this year’s Miss America beauty pageant, and among one of the most difficult years for the city’s economy these beautiful young women brought a revitalizing energy back to the streets. As the city’s overextended government gambles rising unemployment, falling tourism, and a shrinking collection of casinos, many of Atlantic City’s citizens felt that the pageant took troubled minds off of the pressing predicament as they gathered on the historic Boardwalk to watch the competition take place. According to Cierra Kaler-Jones, Miss New Jersey herself, the pageant “brought life and energy back to Atlantic City”.

Should we be surprised? After all, this city is no stranger to the pageant circle. Since 1921 the overwhelming majority of Miss America contests have taken place on the Boardwalk, at first as a branch of tourist marketing, and slowly developing into the nationally enjoyed talent and beauty showcase that it is today.

Yet, for all the fanfare, the dichotomy remains stark. Stop by the bankrupt and closed Revel Casino Hotel for the Pageant’s kickoff parade if you want to get a taste of Atlantic City’s polarity for yourself.  

The Gown Goes Down


Ivy DePew, Miss Rhode Island, collapsed unconscious on stage while performing on Tuesday night. It is incredible how sisterhood is never far from these ladies’ minds - even in the heat of the competition, fellow Miss America contestants stepped forward and formed a ring around their fallen sister until paramedics arrived on the scene.

Ms. DePew’s family assured the New York Times that their daughter was, in fact, eating. This comes to a relief to many who haven’t yet forgotten Michigan’s Kirsten Haglund, Miss America 2008, who fought and won a hard battle with eating disorders. According to Ms. Haglund, women should “feel confident about their bodies….Annorexia is not a pretty thing. It’s awful”. But if an eating disorder didn’t lead to Ms. DePew’s episode, what did?

Brooke Breedwell, a former pageant winner, explains a possible cause: stress. “Pageants have put a lot of stress and anxiety on my life,” Breedwell explains. “I feel the need to be perfect at everything, and I know that’s not realistic. You can’t be perfect at everything.” Perhaps the sheer stress of the occasion led to Ms. DePew’s unfortunate fall. 

Guardians of the Galaxy “Guards” the Forth Weekend


Coca Ix

Guardians, ninjas and cops formed the most powerful and invincible creatures in Hollywood this weekend. “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014),” and “Let’s Be Cops” were the top 3 of the box office battle.

Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” continues to be the winner of the universe this weekend exceeding “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” by $120,111,982 in total, the difference had only gone up. This movie of Walt Disney was the No.1 of the weekend, for the fourth time after its release six weeks ago. The film earned $10.16 million for the weekend (-40%), which brought its domestic total up to $294.57m.

Impressively and undoubtedly topping the charts again, “Guardians of the Galaxy” has also broken another record by surpassing the domestic gross of “Man of Steel.”

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” is doing a steadily good job, earning $6,506,688 this whole weekend.

“If I Stay,” a teen romantic drama, fell to No. 4 after staying in the third place since the movie came out 3 weeks ago. Instead, “Lets Be Cops,” starring Jake Johnson

Damon Wayans Jr., Rob Riggle and Nina Dobrev, a comedy about two struggling pals dressing as police officers for a costume party then getting forced to become real “heros” has “stolen” the bronze medal.

The November Man is No.5. This action movie is on its second week with a total gross of $18,935,824.

Universal’s “As Above, So Below” earned $3,854,425 this weekend. Only released a week ago, the movie has brought $15,707,170 to the studio.

The first week of September, the post Labor Day week was a quiet and low-key week without many big releases. This week became the slowest week so far of the year, according to the statistics. However, movies like The Identical had a wide opening of $1,587,137, ranking No. 12 in the market this weekend.

This drama, starring Blake Rayne, Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd, tells a story about Elvis’s twin brother who also loved music but had a totally different luck with his love. So far, the movie has a rating of 4 out of 10 on IMDB.

Another interesting release is the “re-release” of Forrest Gump in IMAX. Ranking No.24 with a take of $381,654 in its first week, the movie has drawn some attention of its own.

The production budget for “Guardians” was $170 million, which is $45 million more than “Ninja Turtles.” The whole team has definitely brought a tremendous amount back to their pocket. What’s very interesting about the success of “Guardians of the Galaxy” is that it’s the first top grossing superhero movie without the Spiderman, Superman, Batman or any kind of man.

Being a brand new Marval movie without a regular series fan base, “Guardians of the Galaxy” is doing surprising well universally. The worldwide gross of the film is $555,692,034. Even though it didn’t have a historical fan base like the “X-Men” series, the film is a combination of comic book adaptation, superhero and sci-fi-adventure, which absolutely fits in the trend of the box office winner trend of these years.

Having seen a very weak summer in the box office, “Guardians of the Galaxy” might become the first one to break the $300 million domestic mile stone in the next few weeks, which might astonish some predictors who lower estimated the year of 2014.

Hosting the #CCTV Spring Festival talent draft finale tonight. 🇺🇸🇨🇳

Hosting the #CCTV Spring Festival talent draft finale tonight. 🇺🇸🇨🇳

It was such an honor to attend “Splendid China, The New Look of Tibetan Life in Sichuan” banquet. Thanks to the invitation from the President of American International Cultural Exchange Foundation.

It was such an honor to attend “Splendid China, The New Look of Tibetan Life in Sichuan” banquet. Thanks to the invitation from the President of American International Cultural Exchange Foundation.

2014 MTV 音乐录影带大奖5大精彩画面 The 5 Most Amazing Things at 2014 VMA


Coca Xie 


Stars hit the red carpet.

浅色系和亮钻系成了今年VMA红毯女星的偏好。女神J-LO,澳洲美人Iggy Azalea,和乡村小天后Taylor Swift都选择浅色的亮闪服装走过红毯。其中Jennifer Lopez的一身银色亮闪高叉群成为了许多媒体跟拍的焦点。

Brilliant hues and metallic dresses were the female stars’ favorites at this year’s VMA. J-Lo, Iggy Azalea and Taylor Swift all chose to wear light color and glitzy dresses for the red carpet. Jennifer Lopez rocked a glittering, skin-baring gown with a sky-high slit, thousands of cameras followed J-Lo wherever she went.


Inmates from “Orange is the New Black” broke jail and ditched their prison jumpsuits for during the VMA.


女子监狱里的三名饰演囚犯的女演员:Taylor Schilling, Uzo Aduba 和 Laverne Cox 并未像“往常”一样穿着囚犯装,而是身着深色礼服闪瞎舞台。她们在颁奖时说:“MTV音乐录影带大奖和女子监狱相像的地方就是都有很多能hold住全场的女性。”

Actresses from “Orange is the New Black” — Taylor Schilling, Uzo Aduba and Laverne Cox — showed up with glamorous gowns, a big departure from their orange jumpsuits. When giving out the award, they jested, “VMA is just like Orange is the New Black, there are so many powerful women, and you have no idea what is coming next, so stay alert.”

不吐舌头关注慈善:Miley Cyrus 长大了

No more tongue-sticking, finger-pointing Miley, she has grown up.


After winning the most important award of the night, “Wrecking Ball” selected best video of 2014, Miley suddenly stopped just in front of the stage, and instead of going on, a man named Jesse accepted the award, “on behalf of the 1.6 million runaways and homeless youths in the United States who are starving, lost and scared for their lives right now.” No more twerking, no more teddy bears, Miley seems to have grown up.


Fallon is so crazy and great.

著名脱口秀主持人Jimmy Fallon已经是大家的老朋友了,今次又出席颁奖礼,Jimmy宣布了年度最大的奖项,年度最佳录影带。在颁奖之前,肥伦把现场镜头对准台下的粉丝和明星们,和现场互动玩拥抱、击掌和给身边的人5块钱的游戏。最让人感动的是,在Miley的领奖人、毫无上台经验的Jesse紧张得拿不好华同时,肥伦一直在旁边帮忙扶着。

The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon isn’t new to VMA fans. This year, he was on hand to give out the biggest award, Video of the Year. Before announcing the winner, Jimmy captivated the stars and the audience with antics, including a hug-and-high-five fest, and getting people to open their wallets and purses and create a 5 dollars pay-it-forward (or sideways) moment. His caring and serious side was also on display. What touched the audience is as Jesse, who had no stage experience, was accepting the award on Miley’s  behalf, Jimmy helped him and held the mic the whole time.

压轴表演:Queen Bey 携手全家告诉世界什么是表演

Queen Bey along with her family showed the world what a great performancer is.

Beyoncé 出场之前全场都在高呼这个名字,尖叫声之大可以毫不夸张地说盖过了任何其他的表演或奖项。在10分钟内Queen Bey差不错唱完了一张专辑,全场的尖叫声没有间断过。而最后全家福也是又掀起一阵高潮,同时也打破了离婚不和传言。Beyoncé, 让世界知道什么是表演!

Right Before Beyoncé came to the stage, the whole place filled with screams. Without exaggeration, it was the craziest moment of the whole night. In a 10-minute performance she covered her full album and once again with her talent and energy won everybody’s heart. Her family together with her on stage gave a slap down to those divorce reports. Beyoncé truly showed the world why she is a real super star along with showing the strength and dedication she has to her family.

Kanye West: “my wife is the smartest human being on the planet.” #vma #kanye

#Hollywood At Your Doorstep’s exclusive tour @ the #MTV video music awards. #vmas #vma #china #tv

#Hollywood At Your Doorstep’s exclusive tour @ the #MTV video music awards. #vmas #vma #china #tv

Star of #robinwilliams on #hollywoodblvd . Some Chinese viewers recognized us while I was reporting. #fanstang #hollywoodatyourdoorstep #开门遇见好莱坞 #粉丝堂

Star of #robinwilliams on #hollywoodblvd . Some Chinese viewers recognized us while I was reporting. #fanstang #hollywoodatyourdoorstep #开门遇见好莱坞 #粉丝堂